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These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) are issued by Renáta Ildikó Nagy (hereinafter: the Service Provider) and the Service Provider through the Website of (hereinafter: the Website). (hereinafter: Elkertv.) contain the rights and obligations of the Customer (hereinafter: the Customer) using electronic commerce services pursuant to Section 2 a).

The purpose of the Website operated by the Service Provider is to sell the products made available on the Website in a business-like manner.

These GTC apply to all contracts and services concluded between the Service Provider and the Customer (hereinafter together: the Parties) through the above-mentioned Website, regardless of whether it is performed from Hungary or abroad by the Service Provider or its contributor. If the Client acts on behalf of a legal entity or as a sole proprietor during the conclusion of the transaction, by accepting these GTC, he / she declares that he / she enters into the contract for purposes related to his / her profession, independent occupation, business activity. hereinafter: Civil Code) 8: 1. § (1) point 3, nor the CLV of 1997 on consumer protection. (hereinafter: Fgytv.) to a consumer in accordance with Section 2 a). If the Client complies with the Civil Code. and Fgytv. the Service Provider shall provide information on the consumer rights and obligations arising from the transaction by means of the Consumer Protection Information and the Sample Statement of Withdrawal, which are part of these General Terms and Conditions.

All the Clients of the Service Provider are entitled to use the services of the Website, if they register validly and successfully on the Website, and also accept the provisions of these GTC as binding on them.


Name: Ildikó Renáta Nagy

Head office: 1215 Budapest Ady Endre út 43

Registration number: 54880995

Tax number: 56245730-1-43

Contact by phone: +36706253892

Electronic contact:

Bank account number: 11721002-21463237


2.1. The purchase of the products provided by the Service Provider is possible with an electronic request for quotation, in the manner specified in these GTC.

2.2. The customer's offer to purchase the given product, after filling in all the mandatory fields of the relevant data sheet and checking the entered data, the contract concluded between the parties in this way - in Hungarian - is considered a written contract.


3.1. The Service Provider is obliged to deliver the goods in accordance with these GTC, to transfer the ownership of the goods and, if necessary, to hand over all documents related to the goods. The place of performance - unless otherwise provided in these GTC or the Parties provide otherwise - is the registered office of the Service Provider.

3.2. If the “Delivery Address” is given during the order, the Service Provider is obliged to forward the goods to the Customer, or to arrange for their forwarding in the manner indicated by the Customer under the “Delivery Method” during the order. The freight - the fee indicated on the Website - is borne by the Customer. In case of receiving the goods in the manner specified in this section, the Customer may choose between the following payment methods during the order: bank transfer, credit card payment, PayPal.

3.3. The Service Provider is obliged to deliver the goods in the quantity, quality and description specified in the contract, as well as in a manner stored or packaged in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

3.4. If the Customer "requests an individual logo offer" during the order, and the contract is concluded by submitting an offer and accepting the offer, the Service Provider is obliged to provide the subject of the contract according to the logo provided by the Customer and accepted by the Service Provider. The customer acknowledges that the product thus produced was produced at his express request (individual product), so that the 45/2014. (II.26.) Government Decree § 29 (1). shall be deemed to be a product within the meaning of point (c).


4.1. The Service Provider will deliver the product selected and ordered on the Website to the delivery address indicated by the Customer during the order by the date specified in the order confirmation sent to the Customer by e-mail.

4.2. The Service Provider is obliged to deliver the ordered goods within the delivery time specified in the confirmation e-mail following the order, the delivery time starts the day after the full payment of the purchase price. The transport is done using a transport company, exceptionally with your own means of transport. The Service Provider is not able to undertake the delivery to a specific time (hour), unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

4.3. If a Customer has an expired, unpaid invoice, the Service Provider may suspend the service until it is settled, and the settled purchase price of the new order may be included in the previous debt. The Client is valid from the date of the delay on the first day of the calendar half-year affected by the delay, Ptk. shall pay default interest in accordance with All costs arising from the collection of debts shall be borne by the Customer.

4.4. The Customer is obliged to check the package item by item at the time of delivery or receipt and to sign the receipt in case of complete performance. After that, the Service Provider is not able to accept complaints about deficiencies. Should the Customer experience any damage or discrepancy, the carrier is obliged to hand over the goods item by item at the request of the Customer and to keep a report on the spot. The carrier is liable for any resulting damage.

4.5. The Customer is obliged to pay the price of his order no later than 3 working days after the confirmation of the order or the acceptance of the offer by the Customer. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the delivery fee, provided that the change takes effect simultaneously with its appearance on the Website. The amendment does not affect the purchase price of products already ordered.

4.6. All delivery terms in this section apply to any orders placed by e-mail, telephone or in person.


5.1. According to the provisions of these GTC, the customer is obliged to pay the purchase price and receive the goods.

5.2. Payment of purchase price. This obligation of the Client includes taking all measures and complying with the formalities required by the contract or any legislation, in particular the Civil Code. and Elkertv. necessary to enable payment to be made in accordance with the provisions of Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties or otherwise provided by these GTC, the Customer shall make the payment before the Service Provider makes the goods available to the Customer in accordance with these GTC. The Service Provider may make the payment a condition for the delivery of the goods or documents.

5.3. The Customer is obliged to pay the purchase price even in the absence of inspection of the goods. In the case of regular Customers who have an older business relationship with the Service Provider - based on a separate agreement - it is also possible to pay the purchase price in arrears or on time at a different time from these GTC.

5.4. When purchasing any goods, the Customer is obliged to refrain from any behavior that involves misleading consumers (especially with regard to the scope and nature of the goods sold). The Customer shall be solely responsible for complying with any obligations imposed on him by the laws of the Member State concerned in order to advertise, recommend, market or sell the product to consumers. In the event of a breach of these obligations, the Service Provider excludes all liability and may demand compensation from the Customer for any damages that may occur to it.


6.1. You can register under the menu item "Registration" on the Main Page by filling in the form. The Customer must fill in the user data (for more details, see the data management information), the billing data and the delivery data (if different from the delivery data). By registering on the Website, the Client declares that he has read and accepts all the provisions and conditions of these GTC (published on the Website) and the Data Management Information published on the Website.

6.2. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any consequences (errors or damages, such as delivery delays) that can be traced back to incorrect and / or inaccurate data provided by the Customer. In all cases, the Service Provider is entitled to verify, inter alia, that the registrant is indeed entitled to represent the Customer by sending a message to the e-mail address provided in the company's register or other official register or by means of verification programs (Opten, Bisnode). Based on the inspection, the Service Provider is entitled to change the terms of service or refuse to fulfill the order. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the fact that the Customer forgets his / her password or becomes available to unauthorized persons for any reason not attributable to the Service Provider. The Service Provider treats all registrations as an independent Customer. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage or error resulting from the change of the registered data by the Customer.

6.3. The Customer is entitled to cancel his registration at any time, without giving reasons, in the legal notice sent to the Service Provider via e-mail. Upon receipt of the letter requesting the cancellation, the Service Provider is obliged to ensure the cancellation of the registration without delay, but no later than within 72 hours. In case of doubt, the Service Provider is entitled to verify by sending a message to the e-mail address provided in the company register or other official register of the given Customer that the person requesting the cancellation is indeed entitled to represent the Customer. Customer's user data will be removed from the system immediately upon deletion, provided that you have not previously placed an order or completed any transaction. After the removal, it is no longer possible to restore the user data, the given Customer can re-register. If the Customer has previously placed an order, his / her data will not be deleted from the system, but will be inactivated. In this case, the Service Provider retains the data and documents related to the previously submitted orders.

6.4. The Customer is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of user access data (especially the password). If the Customer becomes aware that the password provided during registration may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party, he is obliged to change his password immediately and is obliged to notify the Service Provider at the same time.

6.5. The Client undertakes to update the personal data provided during registration as necessary - based on a separate e-mail notification from the Client - in order to ensure that they are timely, complete and accurate. Any additional costs arising from the change of the data not communicated to the Service Provider shall be borne by the Customer.


7.1. The essential properties and characteristics of the goods on the Website, instructions for their use can be found in detail on the information page of the specific article and, where necessary, in the instructions for use supplied with the product.

7.2. The prices of the products displayed on the Website are indicated in HUF (gross), including and including VAT and other public charges. If the language of the website is chosen (English, German), the prices will still be indicated in HUF.

7.3. It is possible to place an order for each product on the Website after logging in after registration. The Customer can add the selected product to his Cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button (summary list of orders). You can even view the contents of the Cart, or delete its contents (or individual items of its contents) by clicking the delete icon next to that product. The Customer will then provide the method of delivery and payment, followed by billing and delivery details. Before placing the order - the Customer - on a summary page - can check the details of his order, change the billing address, select the method of payment.

7.4. The order will be placed after clicking on "Send offer". Sending the order creates a binding offer for the Customer, and upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail, a payment obligation is created as specified in the payment methods. If the Customer requests an individual logo for at least one selected product, the “By sending an Offer” is only a request for an offer, after which the Service Provider sends an offer, which the Customer accepts (the contract is concluded by accepting the offer).

7.5. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the prices of the products that can be ordered from the Website, provided that the change takes effect simultaneously with its appearance on the Website. The amendment does not affect the purchase price of products already ordered. If, despite all the diligence of the Service Provider, an incorrect price is posted on the surface of the Website, especially with regard to the obviously incorrect, e.g. for a price of "0" HUF or "1" HUF significantly different from the well-known, generally accepted or estimated price of the product, possibly due to a system error, the Service Provider is not obliged to deliver the product at an incorrect price, but may offer delivery at the correct price, in the knowledge of which the Customer may withdraw from his intention to purchase.

7.6. The Service Provider will only accept the order from a registered Customer and only if the Customer completes all the fields required for the order. If the Customer fills in a field incorrectly or incompletely, he will receive an error message from the Service Provider. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any delivery delays or other problems or errors that can be traced back to the order data provided by the Customer incorrectly and / or inaccurately.

7.7. By placing the order, the Customer also declares that he accepts these General Terms and Conditions and acknowledges that they are binding on him.


At any stage of the order and until the order is sent to the Service Provider, the Customer has the opportunity to correct any data entry errors on the order interface at any time on the Website (by pressing the “back” button in the case of the content of the previous page).


9.1. The Service Provider confirms the arrival of the order sent by the Customer (offer made for concluding a contract) to the Customer without delay, via an automatic confirmation e-mail, which confirmation e-mail contains the relevant data of the order and the order ID. This confirmation e-mail only informs the Customer that his order has been received by the Service Provider.

9.2. If the Customer has already sent the order to the Service Provider and notices an error regarding the data in the confirmation e-mail, he must notify the Service Provider within 1 calendar day. In this case, the Service Provider modifies the order accordingly.


10.1. After confirming the order, the Customer can settle the order by bank transfer, credit card payment or PayPall. Detailed information on each payment method can be found in the "Payment methods" menu item.

10.2. The Service Provider automatically processes the order and, depending on the selected payment method, sends an invoice by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Customer, then - unless the Parties have agreed otherwise or these GTC contains a different provision - delivers the goods to the Customer after crediting the amount.

10.3. After crediting the amount paid by the Customer to the Customer, the Service Provider will issue an invoice sent electronically to the e-mail address provided by the Customer (or by post to the address provided by the Customer at the Customer's express request), depending on the payment method chosen by the Customer. By accepting the GTC, the Customer consents to the Service Provider issuing an invoice sent to him electronically. It is possible to revoke this consent with a clear legal statement addressed to the Service Provider. If the Customer's invoice or fee request to be sent electronically is completed, the Service Provider will notify / send the invoice / fee request to him / her via e-mail. The Customer is obliged to print the electronic invoice without an electronic signature and to record it in its books as a paper-based invoice.


11.1. Accidentally published, Customer Elkertv. In case of information violating the right specified in § 13, the Service Provider shall comply with the provisions of Art. fulfills its notification and removal obligations contained in the Elkertv. The Service Provider will also comply with any official or court request within a legal time limit.

11.2. The Service Provider excludes all liability for any violations committed by the Customer.

11.3. Due to the possible cross-border nature of the supply of products, the Customer agrees to act in accordance with the provisions of the relevant national legislation when using the Website. If any activity related to the use of the Website is not permitted under the law of the Client's state, the Client shall be solely responsible for the use.

11.4. If the Customer notices objectionable content on the Website, he is obliged to notify the Service Provider immediately. If the Service Provider finds the signal to be justified in the course of its bona fide proceedings, it is entitled to delete or amend the information immediately.

11.5. According to the consumer protection information, the Service Provider is responsible for the defectiveness of the products according to the warranty and guarantee. In case of a non-consumer contract, the Service Provider undertakes a 6-month warranty.


12.1. The Website and its pictorial, textual and structural design have an individual original character and are therefore protected by copyright. The Service Provider is the copyright holder of all content displayed on the Website: any copyrighted work or other intellectual creation.

12.2. Copying of the content of the Website and the Web Store, saving or printing all or part of it on physical or other data carriers is allowed only with the prior written consent of the Service Provider.

12.3. In addition to the rights expressly set out in these GTC, registration, use of the Website or any provision of the GTC do not grant the Customer the right to use or utilize any trade names or trademarks on the Website.


13.1. The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of these GTC at any time with effect for the future. The Service Provider informs the Clients about the changes through the interface of the Website. After the modification, the condition for the use of the Website is that the Customer expressly accepts them through the Website and in the manner provided therein. In the case of a new contract, the Client who has already concluded a contract may not refer to the content of the previously valid GTC as a contractual practice established and applied between the Parties, even in the event of the above information being omitted.

13.2. In matters not regulated in these GTC, Hungarian law, in particular the Civil Code, the Elkertv. and the provisions of Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications (hereinafter: Eht.) shall apply.

Date of entry into force: 2020. 06. 14.

The place of internet access to these GTC is

Ildikó Renáta Nagy

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