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Pre-registration is required for the classes !!!

Lessons types :


  • pole dance / pole sport: mastering technical lessons, elements, rotations

  • hoop: aerobics hoop watch, better known as Aerial Hoop / Lyra

  • amplification: sport-specific amplification within the framework of technical lessons

  • stretching: stretching within technical classes to increase flexibility

  • exotic: dancer choreographic lesson in platform high heels

  • showgirl: dancer choreographic lesson in high heels





Address: 1203 Budapest 3 str. Bíró Mihály

Gymbox Fitness


Address: Budapest, 1116 Villányi út 6. I. floor 9. 9th doorbell

Dollhouse Buda Pole Dance and Air Gymnastics Studio

For private lessons, please contact me!

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