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About me

Performer, poledance and aerial sport instructor, POSA international Head judge


I have been involved in stage dances since I was a child. I studied folk dance, cheerleading and modern ballroom dancing. After high school, I performed on many stages and shows in Europe and overseas for more than 10 years. I first met pole dance abroad in 2005 and from 2009 I started teaching and promoting pole dance at Dollhouse Studios at home. I have been able to teach this sport in many parts of the country. I was introduced to aerobatics this year, attended Maciva’s evening workouts, and worked on a number of props. In 2015, I became a qualified international judge of the POSA Association and a member of the jury of Europe-World and domestic and other countries.


Judge references:


  • 2015 Slovak Pole Sports Championship

  • 2015 POSA Pole World Championships

  • 2016 Serbian Pole Sports Championship

  • 2016 POSA Pole Sport European Championship

  • 2016 POSA Pole World Championships

  • 2017 Pole Artistic Hungary

  • 2017 POSA Pole World Championships

  • 2018 Malesz Hungarian Championship

  • 2018 Fitbalance Pole and Aerial Hoop Championship

  • 2018 POSA Winter Pole Championship

  • 2018 Pole Artistic Hungary

  • 2019 Pole Artistic Hungary

  • 2019 Malesz Air Sports Festival

  • 2019 Malesz Hungarian Championship

Tengerész show
Világbajnokság .jpg

Performances reference


  • Crazy Horse Revue Australia 5 years

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • Glamdolls European Tour

  • Electric Love Festival

  • AMTS Carstyling Dolls 5 years

  • Corporate events

  • Domestic and foreign discos

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